Mesothelioma Support Groups

Cancer from asbestos, including Mesothelioma, is a serious illness and as such its diagnosis often causes strong emotions and complex medical issues that need support beyond the family circle.

While your immediate support will likely come from the nurses and doctors, there are others you can turn to for support when dealing with Mesothelioma.

There are many initiatives, charities and support groups for those who are suffering from cancer from asbestos and for their families and carers. These sources of support include the counselors and chaplain at your cancer hospital or treatment facility, or people in similar situations in your local area.

Cancer from asbestos and lung cancer support

Three of the largest and most recognised support groups for those affected by cancer from asbestos and lung cancer are:

Macmillan Cancer SupportMacmillan Cancer Support

Offers a freephone support line where you can speak to Mesothelioma and cancer support specialists. They also offer an information booklet on Mesothelioma and links to other cancer support groups.

Cancer Research UKCancer Research UK

Freephone specialist support line to speak with cancer nurses and a broad range of cancer support literature, research and news.

British Lung FoundationBritish Lung Foundation

Mesothelioma information and cancer from asbestos support are offered by the BLF. They offer a helpline, as well as plenty of information on compensation and benefits.

British Lung Foundation


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