Launch of Alert Detector website

Launch of Alert Detector website

The Alert public facing website ( has now been launched to provide the public with information on the Alert Project and the Alert Detector along with vital information on asbestos, the dangers of exposure to it and how to protect yourself.

ALERT (Asbestos Location Equipment in Real Time) is the world's first range of airborne asbestos test and detection devices for alerting users to the probability of deadly airborne asbestos fibres.

  • 4,500 tradesmen die a year from Asbestos related diseases in the UK
  • 107,000 die worldwide per year

The Alert Project Consortium are a group of concerned European businesses working hard to create a cost-effective and portable way for tradespeople to get a rapid assessment of the atmosphere they work in.

ALERT will be manufactured by Select to help arm today's workers with a means to protect themselves from asbestos exposure by alerting them to the presence of airborne asbestos fibres. ALERT is a portable device that operates in a similar way to an advanced 'smoke detector' by testing for airborne asbestos fibres using a real-time spectral analysis and alerting the user with an audible and visual alarm so that you can take immediate safety precautions and call in the experts.

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