Asbestos Management Company Lucion set to host major Asbestos Conference in Manchester

Asbestos Management Company Lucion set to host major Asbestos Conference in Manchester

Schools should be a place of safety for children. Just how safe or unsafe is the subject of the live Asbestos in Schools Crisis Debate at the Hilton Deansgate in Manchester later this month.

On November 27th Asbestos Management Company Lucion Environmental brings the only conference of its kind to Manchester. Now in its fourth year, Asbestos The Truth attracts a variety of industry professionals from right across the UK and beyond.

Asbestos The Truth

Phillip Blond, founder of think tank ResPublica, will chair the intensive one day event. Speakers and presenters include representatives from Sir Robert McAlpine, The Ambassador Partnership, Land Quality Management, and the Join Union Asbestos Committee as well as Former Government Policy Advisor and Academic Researcher, Christian Durham Hall, and many more.

With panelists including Asbestos in Schools Campaigner Michael Lees alongside Professor John Bridle of Asbestos Watchdog, the live debate on the Asbestos in Schools Crisis will dig a lot deeper than usual industry channels in search of the truth.

The Conference provides an up to date overview of issues involved in this emotive subject and seeks to clarify legislative changes and recently updated guidance from the Health and Safety Executive on the management of asbestos, whilst providing best practice advice and shared experiences.

Lucion Environmental Managing Director Patrick Morton said:

“Not only is there much confusion among the public, but there is also confusion within areas of the construction and property management industry where the handling of asbestos is concerned. This conference aims to clarify this confusion, sharing insights, setting out recent changes in legislation and in the case of 2013`s event debating the matter in front of a live audience.”

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Further Details and event registration are available at or by contacting the Events team on 0191 461 8999 

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